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'one' by projectOne

Our collaborative fan-made tribute track is finally online! 'ONE' by projectOne is out now on YouTube and on all streaming services!

listen to the song

stay tuned.

Every 2 weeks, participants are encouraged to create and upload samples on this website. Once samples have been uploaded, the producing staff, including FrankzRoom and other producers, will curate uploaded samples to produce the tribute track utilizing each of the various components. The venture will run through February 22, 2020, with the finished single dropping on March 29, 2020.

Starting on February 21 13:00 GMT, participants will have enough time to upload melody samples via this website. There, participants can also be updated with the progress of the production process

listen to the chords:

download the MIDI file here


110 BPM

listen to the melody:

download the MIDI file here



listen to the bassline:

download the MIDI file here


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